Financial Management

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Preparation course for one of the six exams of the Applied Skills module of the ACCA professional qualification in English.

FM Financial Management
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On your FM (F9) course you'll develop the knowledge and skills expected of a finance manager, in relation to investment, financing and dividend policy decisions.

Students will look at the three key financial management decisions of investing, financing, and dividend policy, explore the economic environment in which such decisions are made and examine the various sources of business finance, including dividend policy and how much finance can be raised from within the business.
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We use study materials, approved by АССА.
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  • Excellent preparation for the F5 exam with Vladimir Okudzhava. He conveyed the meaning of the course using examples from real work practice. The computer tests prepared by him can be used many times throughout the course. They helped a lot in preparing for the exam. Homework and these tests are simply a vital condition of success at the exam! Good luck to you! Respect to Vladimir!
    Olga Mashutova, PM Performance Management
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Vladimir Okudzhava and all ST Education's staff for the wonderful P4 course and attitude towards the preparation of students. Competent and logical presentation of the material allowed me to prepare for the exam in a short time and pass it from the first attempt.
    Elena Melnik, AFM Advanced Financial Management


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