Financial English. Level 1

The programs were designed on the basis of ACCA Qualification materials, ACCA past papers, business and financial articles, corporate financial statements and reports. Course materials include 80% of professional vocabulary from ACCA and CIMA Qualifications.

Financial English 1 is aimed at Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate students with a good knowledge of grammar, who can have a spontaneous simple conversation on familiar and routine matters.

Financial English 1 Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate level
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This program is ideal for those who have just started learning financial vocabulary and want to be able to use it at work or for further professional development (ACCA, CIMA).

Course outcome:
  • Developing good knowledge of basic financial vocabulary;
  • Ability to communicate with colleagues and clients on course topics using professional vocabulary;
  • Ability to prepare, analyze and discuss financial reports, accounting and tax policies, notes to financial statements and related documents.

To enroll on the course you are required to take a written test and online interview with a teacher.
Detailed syllabus
Introduction to Accounting, Financial Statements
1. Accounting principles
2. Off-balance-sheet financing. Debt and Leases
3. Sales and costs. Profit and profitability
4. Statement of financial position
5. Financial ratios

Tax Accounting, Auditing
6. Types of taxes
7. Property, plant and equipment
8. Capital and operational expenditure
9. Assets and their valuation
10. Internal and external audit

Management Accounting, Investment
11. Financial and management accounting
12. Performance management
13. Working capital
14. Budgeting
15. Sources of finance. Investment

Present Simple and Present Continuous
Present Perfect and Past Simple
Modals – can, must, have to, should, may
Passive voice
Reported Speech
Adjectives and adverbs
Infinitive and gerund
Countable and uncountable nouns
Conjunctions and prepositions
Articles and nouns
Complex object

Business communication: internal and external communication on job-related topics (accounting, audit etc), participating in pair and group discussions, making presentations, interview, writing essays and emails.

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